Given the vast technology landscape and business demands, IT departments are constantly faced with making difficult decisions.

Technology and services such as cloud, software defined data centers, converged infrastructure, provide lot of option that can be hard to evaluate and select.

Infrastructure planning, strategy, and operations offering help customers select options that make business sense for them. We take a quantitative and qualitative approach to our analysis and provide recommendations that drive business outcomes.

According to one of the latest Gartner report 2015 saw the largest U.S. dollar drop in IT spending since Gartner began tracking IT spending. $216 billion dollars less was spent on IT in 2015 than in 2014 and 2014 spending levels won’t be surpassed.

Our offerings in this area include:

  • IT Roadmap
  • Cloud Computing
  • Tool & Partner Selection
  • Operation Management
  • Process Definition

  • In working with both IT and business, our consultants help our clients create sound strategies focusing on technical, organizational, and process aspects of an organization.