Fortune 50 Insurance Company

Customer Overview

  • Leading global provider of insurance, annuities & employee benefit programs
  • $48B in annual revenue
  • IT spend of $1,249M (44% Infrastructure, 56%ADM)
  • Highly complex/integrated IT infrastructure and teams of highly skilled operations technicians, infrastructure engineers, and architects
  • Business Problem

  • Complex, highly integrated IT Infrastructure
  • Lack of transparency with respect to internal service offerings, chargeback, and SLAs
  • Approach

  • Assembled a cross-functional team to re-define services and functions being provided
  • Services were broken down by their function points
  • Function points were evaluated and aligned with appropriate service
  • Outcome

  • Comprehensive and up-to-date service catalog that reflected what was being done by whom and how much
  • This resulted in IT staff optimization - by demonstrating what is being done in detail and by whom we were able to better assign values and costs leading to financial transparency and cost rationalization

  • Optimized staffing model correlated with clearly defined service offering